Caroline Wong

Egg & Noodles

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Year 2021
Medium Water soluble pencil and crayon on paper
Dimensions 29.7 x 21 cm
Nominated by Barbara Walker

About the work

Drawing and eating have, for me, always been closely linked. Both have served as an emotional outlet on many occasions, assuaging feelings of doubt, anxiety, or boredom. They are driven by a need to fill a void, both physical and emotional. As my practice focuses on portrayals of East Asian women and pleasure, particularly the pleasure of eating and drinking, I’ve often found inspiration in Mukbang videos. Here we see many young women broadcasting themselves devouring copious amounts of food, relishing every mouthful, giving pleasure free rein. My aim is simply to channel that greedy, guiltless pleasure into my own drawings.

About the artist:

Born 1986 Malaysia, Caroline Wong lives and works in London. Graduated from Diploma in Contemporary Portraiture from The Art Academy (2018); and MA Fine Art at City and Guilds Art School (2019-2021).

For Wong, the act of creating, much like eating, is sensuous and consuming. Whether found, recovered, or taken from life-models, images of women are her work's foundation. As the connecting tissue of her practice is a subversive response to traditional, restricted representations of East Asian women, she looks for a kind of confidence, a rebellion, an emotional voluptuousness in her subjects which translates to the way she works. Wong luxuriates in the epicurean side of herself, producing excitable, expressive marks and heated, joyful colour driven by a hedonistic desire for fun, producing work that is a jubilant pushback against tradition.

Her work is held in public and private collections including The Wing, London, and The Royal Institution, London.

Selected exhibitions include Society of Women’s Artists 159th annual exhibition, online, (2020); Society of Women’s Artists 158th annual exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London (2019); Liberty Specialty Markets Art Prize, 20 Fenchurch Street, London (2018); Society of Women’s Artists 157th annual exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London (2018); and The Art Academy Grad Show, Former Newington Library, London (2018).

Awards include the Society of Women Artists Derwent Art Prize (2018); and the Liberty Specialty Markets Art Prize (2018).

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