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Year 2020
Medium Watercolour monotype
Dimensions 27.5 x 20.5 cm

About the work

Throughout 2020 I have been making watercolour monotypes, tracking the year with images from the natural world. I draw from life directly onto the plate. Both the medium and the object demand swift work. I like the way the precision of the drawing is counter-balanced by the relative unpredictability of the (very simple) printing process.

About the artist:

Born 1954 Wegberg, Charlotte Verity lives and works in London. Graduated from the Slade School of Art (1977).

The main body of Verity’s work is made up of oil paintings on linen canvas. The images arrive after long periods of direct and intense looking. The aim is to form a new and complete entity from the interaction of accumulated observations and the tensions demanded by the format. She also works in watercolour and has done series of lithographs, etchings and monotypes. Whatever the medium, drawing is at the heart of what Verity does.

Her works are held in public and private collections including University College London; MoCA, San Diego; Arts Council of England, London; Garden Museum, London; Tate Education, London; and Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt.

Selected solo exhibitions include Karsten Schubert Gallery, London (2021); The Seasons’ Ebb, Roche Court New Art Centre, Salisbury (2019); In Their Garden, Garden Museum, London (2018); New Paintings, Purdy Hicks, London (2016); Midwinter Spring, Boat House Gallery, Flatford (2015); A Year in Tradescant’s Garden, Garden Museum, London (2011); Browse and Darby, London (1998); and Anne Berthoud Gallery, London (1990). Selected group exhibitions include Rebooting Nature, Purdy Hicks, London (2020); Cure3, Bonhams, London (2018); Drawings from the Royal Drawing School, Christie’s, New York (2016); Gli Amici Pittori de Londra, Galleria Cerebelli, Bergamo (2017); Vital Signs, Clifford Chance Gallery, London (2015); Of Green Leaf, Bird & Flower: Artists’ Books and the Natural World, Yale Center for British Art, New Haven (2014); ING Discerning Eye (prize winner), Mall Galleries, London (2013); Raised Awareness, Tate Gallery, London (2005); The British Picture, LA Louver, Venice, California (1988); John Moores Exhibition 17, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (1987); Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery, London (1982); John Moores Exhibition 12, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (1980); and Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (1980).

Awards and residencies include Bottengoms, Suffolk, as commissioned by Garden Museum (2016); Garden Museum, London (2010); Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne (1995); and Slade Prize and the Boise Travel Scholarship (1978).

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