Fani Parali

The Fox’s Dream

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Year 2021
Medium Coloured pencil on paper
Dimensions 29.7 x 21 cm

About the work

The drawing is inspired by a young fox called Cashew and the experience of looking after her; me and my partner treated and fed her for a little while during lockdown, seeing her fur grow back as she was healing. I think I see this drawing as a close-up of a creature that is wild and vulnerable, slowly regaining strength in an unusually intimate continuum.

About the artist:

Born 1983 Thessaloniki, Fani Parali lives and works in London. Graduated from BA Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts (2014); and Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at Royal Academy Schools (2017).

Parali works across sound, performance, sculpture, painting, large-scale installation, drawing and moving image. Parali's collaborative live practice is focused on the formulation of identity beyond the body's limited presence; creating theatrical encounters in which sound and form are choreographed to create immersive and intimate scenes of habitation, directed movement and ethereal soundscapes.

Selected solo and group exhibitions include AONYX and DREPAN & THE MINDERS OF THE WARM, Southwark Park Galleries, London (2020); The Terrace of Lungs, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2019); Hyper Mesh, Assembly Point, London (2019); Arc, Herrick Gallery, London (2018); The Creatures, Chalton Gallery, London (2018); Chumming, The Pipe Factory, part of Glasgow International Festival (2018); Bearing Liability, Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone (2017); RA Schools Show 2017, Royal Academy Schools, London (2017); Gender, Identity and Material, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2017); MONO7, Courtyard Theatre, London (2017); Oral Rinse 2, Waterloo Action Centre, London (2016); Dark Water, Southwark Park Galleries, London (2016); and A COOL DRINK TO CHEEK, Plazaplaza, London (2014).

Awards include Henry Moore Institute Fund Award (2020); Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant (2020); and Studiomakers Prize, by Outset and Tiffany and Co (2017).

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