Jon Bird

A Rocky Road Ahead

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Year 2020
Medium Graphite and chalk on newspaper (Financial Times)
Dimensions 29.1 x 19.9 cm

About the work

A Rocky Road Ahead is one of a current series of drawings of space objects – meteorites, asteroids, etc – held in collections at the Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian. These have either been drawn in situ, adapted from photographic source material, or from the internet. This meteorite, approximately 4.5billion years old, was drawn onto tracing paper for its surface and transparency.  It was then copied onto newsprint – the stocks and shares pages of the Financial Times, and the resulting image further emphasised.

About the artist:

Born 1945 London, Jon Bird lives and works in London. Graduated in Sculpture, Central School of Art & Design (1967); MA Sculpture, Chelsea School of Art (1968); PhD research, University College, London (1975-78); and Royal Drawing School, London (2006-07).

After many years teaching, writing and curating contemporary art, Jon Bird returned to art making via the one-year programme at the Royal Drawing School. Since 2007, he has combined drawing, painting, photography and object-making with curatorial projects. Subject matter derives from a focus upon landscape as a mental and material cartography of the forms, patterns and textures of the natural world, particularly mountains, rocks and, currently, notions of ‘deep time’ and extra-terrestrial objects.

Selected exhibitions include Royal Academy Summer/Winter Exhibition, Royal Academy, London (2020); Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London (2019); The Drawing Works, London Art Fair (2019); The Drawing Works, London Art Fair (2018); Land-Marks, Ply Gallery, London (2016); The Drawing Works, Camden Image Gallery, London (2016); Solo exhibition, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg (​2013); Refractions, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, New York (2011); Water, C2 Gallery, Milton Keynes (2010); and Royal Drawing School/Tea Building, London (2007).

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