Kristin Nordhøy

Inverted Drawing

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Year 2021
Medium Charcoal on paper
Dimensions 29.6 x 21.2 cm

About the work

The structure of the drawing is governed through repetition and rhythm of lines which is at the centre of my work. The lines are indented in the paper, and only when the charcoal has been applied does the image reveal itself.

About the artist:

Born 1977 Oslo, Kristin Nordhøy lives and works in Oslo. Graduated from MA Visual Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2006).

Nordhøy’s drawings take inspiration from the Surrealist artist Max Ernst, minimalist artist Agnes Martin, and Op artist Bridget Riley through their technical and formal aspects, creating an unexpected sense of depth. She usually begins her paintings by affixing strips of masking tape to monochrome canvases and wall surfaces, and her drawings by tracing invisible lines on sheets of paper. She creates different outcomes to her paintings by either painting between the lines, removing the tape, and incorporating curved and non-parallel lines of different colours or overlaying her lines with pastel and charcoal.

Her work is held in public and private collections including the Norwegian Bank, Oslo; The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo; the Pro Artibus Foundation, Ekenäs; and the Erling Neby Collection.

Selected solo exhibitions include Loock Galerie, Berlin (2018); Galleri Haaken, Oslo (2017); Dissonance, Galeri LNM, Oslo (2016); Layers, Holodeck, Oslo (2012); Volt, Bergen (2011); and Transparancy, Lautom Contemporary, Oslo (2010). Selected group exhibitions include Jubileumsutsilling LNM, Kunsternernes Hus, Oslo (2018); Fri geometri – ustabile variabler, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2017); Living in Colours, Tenthaus, Oslo (2016); Copy, Paste, add Layer, Sinne, Helsinki (2013); Norwegian Sommer, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam (2009); and High Come Down, Smia, Kristiansandl (2008).

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