Lindsey Mendick

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Year 2021
Medium Watercolour on paper
Dimensions 21 x 29.7 cm
Nominated by Huma Kabakci
Top pick Russell Tovey, actor and Talk Art host

About the work

The work explores my fear and fascination with the prospect of decay, a duality that occupies much of my work. It toes the line between revulsion and seduction, juxtaposing images of the grotesque and contamination with the seductive nature of food photography.

About the artist:

Born 1987, Lindsey Mendick lives and works in London. Graduated from BA Sheffield Hallam University (2012); and MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art (2017).

Mendick’s practice is hinged to her skilled work in ceramics, which she describes being drawn to for its tactile nature and its desire to be manipulated by the maker. She also embraces banner painting, sewing, metalwork, furniture making and sound within her autobiographical practice. By playfully combining low culture iconography and high culture methods of construction, Mendick creates humorously decadent and elaborate installations that enable the viewer to explore their personal history in a cathartic fashion.

Selected solo exhibitions include Are You Going to Destroy Me?, Goldsmiths CCA, London (2020); ROT, Cooke and Latham Gallery, London (online) (2020); The Yellow Wallpaper, East Side projects, Birmingham (2020); The Ex Files, Castor Projects, London (2019); Perfectly Ripe, Zabludowicz Invites, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2018); She’s Really Nice When You Get to Know Her, Visual Arts Center, Austin (2016); Hot Flush, S.T.C.F.T.H.O.T.S., Leeds (2015); and Bound, Part I, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2014). Selected group exhibitions include Vessels, Island, Brussells (2020); Ancient Deities, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2020); Honeymoon, Insitu Projects, Viborg Kunsthal (2020); Dancing at the Edge of the World, Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome (2020); Homecoming, Maison Touchard, London (2019); Tender Touches, Open Space Contemporary, London (2019); PROUDICK,Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot, Hannah Barry, London (2018); Leopaldine, Sans Titre, Paris (2018); Jamie Fitzpatrick and Lindsey Mendick, Vitrine, Basel (2018); Terra, Hotel Contemporary, London (2018); If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Roaming Projects, London (2018); The Reinvention of Love, Century Club, London (2018); Girls, Duo Show with Rebecca Gould,As Part of Periclo, Oriel, Wrexham (2015); and Lindsey Mendick And Lynn Fulton, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham (2015). Selected commissions and projects include Space, Ilford (2019); A SOLID TOUCH, Kunstraum, London (2018); The Turnpike Pottery, The Turnpike, Leigh (2018); and One Bayshill, Public Artwork, Cheltenham Council (2019).

Awards include the Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award (2020); the Alexandra Reinhardt memorial award (2018); selection for Jerwood Survey (2019); and selection for the Future Generations Art Prize (2020).

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