Margarita Gluzberg

Internal Sphere

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Year 2021
Medium Graphite pencil on paper
Dimensions 30 x 21.5 cm

About the work

Gluzberg’s central practice is drawing, sometimes expanding into photography, performance and sound installation. The drawing made for the Biennial is from part of a new body of work – a series of self-contained forms that attempt to resist the unrelenting train of information being driven into our interior world. Starting from basic geometries, they are a contemplation of space and its customary representation.
“..the world of three dimensions has not and never had any real existence, that it was a creation of our fantasy, a phantom, a spectre, a delusion, an optical illusion, anything you like… the three-dimensionality of the world is the property of its reflections in our consciousness.”
– P.D Ouspensky, Tertium Organum: The Third Canon of Thought, a Key to the Enigmas of the World

About the artist:

Born 1968 Moscow, Margarita Gluzberg lives and works in London. Graduated from BA Fine Art, Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford (1990); and MA Painting, Royal College of Art (2012).

Gluzberg's practice ranges from painting and drawing, to performance, sound installation and slide projection.

Her works are held in public and private collections including UBS, London; David Teiger, New York; and Royal College of Art, London.

Selected solo exhibitions include In Paradise, Pushkin House, London (2019); For Children Not For Children, Filet Space, London (2018); Black Friday, 4COSE, London (2015); Avenue des Gobelins, Paradise Row, London (2012); Phonographicon, Zonca&Zonca, Milan (2011); and Captive Bird Society, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin (2009). Selected group exhibitions include 100NHSRooms, Vital Arts, Barts Hospital, London (2020); Me Myself and I, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London (2020); Double Take, Drawing Room, London and The Photographer’s Gallery, London (2016); Jerwood Drawing Prize, UK touring exhibition (2012); Distance & Sensibility, Calvert 22, London (2010); Peeping Tom, Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort (2010); Natural Wonders, New Art From London, Baibakov Art Projects, Moscow (2009); and Passed As Present, York Art Gallery (2008). Selected live works include Actual Song of the Canary Bird, performance, Artangel commission for Slow Dans, London (2020); КОСТИ, Rock On Bones,performance-installation, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill (2016); Captive Bird Society, Wysing Art and Music Festival, Wysing Arts Centre (2014); Captive Bird Society, Nuit Blanche contemporary art programme, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (2009); and Captive Bird Society, MAC/VAL – Musée d'art Contemporain du Val- de-Marne, Paris (2009).

Awards include Wellcome Trust Arts Award (2016); Wingate Scholarship in Fine Art, British School, Rome (2004); and Arts Council England Award (2004). Residencies include British School, Rome (2004).

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