Mia Enell

Lost Memory (umbrella)

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Year 2020
Medium Watercolour and pencil on acid-free paper
Dimensions 21 x 30 cm

About the work

After a coffee with a friend in Venice, I bought a silver/red umbrella.

The intense inside red colour radiated on a grey and rainy day.

Whenever I’ve opened the umbrella: Venice, friend and the red appeared.

Years later while riding a Citi Bike I heard something, but

did not realize it was the sound of the umbrella that had fallen.

Now the drawing of the umbrella brings forward the memory.

About the artist:

Born 1967 Gothenburg, Mia Enell lives and works in New York City. Graduated from Nyckelvik School of Art, Stockholm (1987), and DNSAP/MFA at the l’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (1992).

Enell is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in painting and drawing as well as photography, video, installation and sculpture. Although she makes use of different media, Enell approaches her work with the internal logic of a painter. She is best known for her paintings, watercolors and drawings depicting the eccentricities of her inner life, often with humour and a surrealist bent. Haiku-like phrases – inspired by dreams or drawn from the unconscious, are part of the work or serve as titles: Enell likes to play with words, which features prominently in many of her works.

Selected exhibitions include Regardless, Rubin&Chapelle, Malibu (2021); #InTouchAVisualDialogue – Edi Rama & Mia Enell, an online exhibition, Carlier Gebauer Instagram (2020); La Fleur de l’Art, Parcours St Germain, Paris (2019); Subspaces, Emmanuel Barbault Gallery, New York City (2018); Now, Now, Now, C.O.D, Tirana (2018); Summerpicks, Third Streaming, New York City (2011); SHTF, Up&CO, New York City (2008); The Library Painting, Mid-Manhattan Library – New York Public Library (2006); E-Migration, Hellenic Museum, Chicago (2006); Mysteries of Life, Edward Mitterrand Gallery, Geneva (2005); Bright Yellow and Dark Blue, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle (2004); Me and Marcel, verytrolley Gallery, London (2004); Mia Enell Paintings and Drawings, Luxe/Stefan Stoyanov Gallery, New York City (2004); and Now Let Us Praise Famous Mice, Up&Co, New York City (2004).

Residencies include Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn (2019).

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