Minoru Nomata

Re-Visions 2021

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Year 2021
Medium Pencil, coloured pencil, and watercolour on paper
Dimensions 36.6 x 26.1 cm
Nominated by Irene Bradbury

About the work

After the enormous changes that have taken place in the global environment and in society around us, I have begun to feel uncomfortable about returning to my old way of thinking and living. I feel that it is a more positive attitude to look back at things from a new perspective, rather than just moving forward in search of progress.

Recently I’m working with a theme of ‘Re-Visions’ for my creation, which reflects my current state of mind. This drawing, which makes me wonder about where, when and for what purpose it was built, is the result of an awareness of traveling through spacetime and a curiosity about the unknown.

About the artist:

Born 1955 Tokyo, Minoru Nomata lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated from BFA at Tokyo University of the Arts (1979).

As an artist known for his imaginary architecture, Nomata has been creating unique artworks with visionary landscapes for more than 35 years, in various mediums including painting, drawing, lithography, and three-dimensional work.
He has an enduring curiosity and interest in all genres of music, which has mostly inspired his creation. His work has been exhibited at retrospectives at Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, and Museum of Modern Art Gunma.
In 2020, his works were introduced globally through the online exhibition at White Cube.

Selected solo exhibitions include STILL – Quiet Garden, Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo (1986); ARCADIA, Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo (1988); NOWHERE STRUCTURES – New Meguro Meigaza, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo (1993-1994); Imaginary Architectures by Minoru Nomata, Rias Ark Museum of Art, Miyagi (1995); Architecture on Canvas, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (2004); ALTERNATIVE SIGHTS – Landscapes by Minoru Nomata, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (2010); and Introductions: Minoru Nomata – Online Viewing Room, White Cube, London (2020). Selected group exhibitions include Imaginary Architecture from Piranesi to Minoru Nomata, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (2013); KAWAGUCHI Kimio | NOMATA Minoru – Alternative Universes Within, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (2016); BEYOND THE END: RUINS IN ART HISTORY, The Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo (2018-2019); catch the eyes, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (2020); METROPOLIS, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem (2020); and SAGACHO EXHIBIT SPACE 1983-2000 Fixed-Point Observation of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (2020).

Awards include The 45th Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists, The Agency for Cultural Affairs (1995); and Takashimaya Art Award, Takashimaya Cultural Foundation (2007).

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