Paul Becker

Untitled (Furs)

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Year 2023
Medium Pencil on paper
Dimensions 26.7 x 19 cm

About the work

A lot of images of animals occur in the work, often animals as human adornment or decoration, utilised as stoles or fur coats. Exploited or utilised in some way. Often kind of merging with humans but remaining apart, inexplicable, often sentient, endlessly mysterious, perhaps as ciphers, analogous to humans themselves or to certain atmospheres in the artworks that move me the most.

Career Highlights

Recent One Person Exhibitions: Marc Jancou Gallery, Switzerland (2023); Last Days of ‘Poison Ring’ Mackintosh Lane, London (2022)
Publications: How We Made ‘The Kick Inside’ JOAN Publishing, 2022.
Collections: Dame Paula Rego; Tess Jaray RA; Leeds Museums and Galleries; Henry Moore Institute Archive.

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