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Year 2021
Medium Watercolour and gouache on Canson paper
Dimensions 29.7 x 21 cm

About the work

A drawing from the series Mes Bacchantes, from a body of work provisionally entitled The Fables, which includes books, cat figures, mortified gloves, tiny uncomfortable shoes, embroideries of seed pods, Capodimonte dancers, kind wolves, and women turning into beasts.

The ‘raving ones’, or ‘the bacchantes’, tore men and animals apart; they ripped off the heads of their dead sons. Fire did not burn them; no weapon could wound them. Snakes licked the sweat from their cheeks. They suckled wolf cubs and fawns indiscriminately. Fierce bulls fell to the ground, torn apart by their hands.

About the artist:

Born 1955 Wiesbaden, Sharon Kivland lives and works in France and London. Graduated from MA History of Art, Goldsmiths College and Ph.D. History of Art, Reading University.

Kivland is an artist and writer (she has also been called a poet, to her surprise). She is an editor and publisher, the latter under the imprint MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. Currently she is working on the natural form, editing the letters sent to her by the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan over the many years of their turbulent love affair, and trying to finish her novel ABÉCÉDAIRE, which will be published by Moist in 2022.

Selected exhibitions include Disturbance: Witch, ZAK, Berlin and touring (2020-21); La Forme Naturelle, Edizione Periferia, Luzern (2020); Jamais fille chaste n'a lu de romans, Circuit Centre d'art contemporain, Lausanne (2019); A voyage around my room, Athens Arts Center, Athens (2019); MAINS GANTEÉES ET PIEDS BOTTÉS : Représentations d'armées de femmes et corps collectifs féminins, Éditions Incertain Sens / Cabinet du livre d’artiste, Rennes (2019); Die Holzdiebe, ZAK, Berlin (2018-9); The Fabric of Felicity, GARAGE museum of contemporary art, Moscow (2019); Hope is Strong, Millenium Gallery, Sheffield (2019); La beauté révélée, Château de Kerjean, Saint-Vougay (2018); and Entreprise de la seduction, Espace d'art contemporain HEC, Jouy-en-Josas (2018).

Awards include shortlisting of her book A Lover's Discourse for the Bob Calle Prix de livre d'artiste (2017).

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