Tom Chamberlain


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Year 2020
Medium Pencil on paper
Dimensions 21.2 x 29.7 cm

About the work

Making this drawing, I wasn’t sure of the difference between weaving a web and being tangled up in one.

About the artist:

Born 1973 Barton on Sea, Tom Chamberlain lives and works in Bristol. Graduated from Painting at Royal College of Art, London (1999).

Chamberlain’s works denote a process of becoming, eventually congealing into possibility or illumination. His highly process-oriented technique is characterized by the methodical accumulation of marks of an almost mechanical precision. Paintings are built up of countless layers of thinly applied acrylic, while innumerable evenly spaced points of watercolor fill his drawings. What appears monochrome shimmers delicately, revealing depth and substance while evading definite form.

His work is held in public and private collections including Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin; Mona, Hobart; and Kunstsaele, Berlin.

Selected solo exhibitions include Falling Short, Laure Genillard, London (2020); Morendo, Aurel Scheibler, Berlin (2019); Open and Shut, Obra en Obra, Mexico City (2017); If Not Now, Aurel Scheibler, Berlin (2015); and Some Other Time, Scheiblermitte, Berlin (2011). Selected group exhibitions include Wow Drawing, Kunstsaele, Berlin (2020); Simply a Painting, Kunstverein, Wolfsburg (2018); Thinking Tantra, Drawing Room, London (2016–2017); Nulla Dies Sine Linea, Satellite, Berlin (2016); Domino Dancing, Plan B, Cluj (2014); System und Sinnlichkeit, Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin (2013); and Theatre of the World, MONA, Hobart (2012).

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